15. May 2013

SoFFin completes placement of shares in Commerzbank AG

SoFFin has placed approx. Euro 625 million existing shares in Commerzbank AG
Placement price of Euro 7.00 per shares

The Financial Market Stabilization Fund (SoFFin) announces the placement of existing ex-rights shares in Commerzbank AG for an amount of approx. Euro 625 million. The transaction was conducted by Deutsche Bank, Citi, Commerzbank and HSBC, which are also joint bookrunners of Commerzbank AG’s concurrent rights issue.

The placement of the shares out of SoFFin’s existing holding results in a short-term reduction of SoFFin’s shareholding in Commerzbank AG to approx. 10%. Upon completion of the capital measure by Commerzbank AG and exercise of subscription rights by SoFFin through the contribution of part of its silent participation (approx. Euro 625 million), SoFFin’s shareholding in Commerzbank AG will increase again to approx. 17%.

SoFFin’s previous blocking minority of 25% originally served to safeguard its silent participation investment; this will be given up in the context of the full redemption of the silent participation (see press release from May 14, 2013). "Through this market-friendly transaction structure, resulting in the full repayment of the silent participation, we have achieved another milestone of exiting the Federal Republic of Germany’s investment in Commerzbank," said Dr. Christopher Pleister, Chairman of the Management Committee of the Federal Agency for Financial Market Stabilisation.


Information for the editorial departments:

The Federal Agency for Financial Market Stabilisation (FMSA) manages the Financial Market Stabilisation Fund (SoFFin). The fund was created on 17 October 2008 under the German Financial Market Stabilisation Act and will operate until 2014 year end under the framework of the Third Financial Markets Stabilisation Act. Since 2011 the FMSA is furthermore in charge of administration of the Restructuring Fund as well as collection of the national bank levy.


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